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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


you must not remember- but
You were so large.
your dreams large
your hopes large
your expectation larger than me\
my world gulfed in comparison to your….plans…at 19
you made me tiny in comparison

you wanted political revolutions
economic change
sudden and abrupt cultural equality
how could I possibly
my dreams
when i yearned for
picket fences and sunday mornings
and love

you expected so much from a child
I’d never seen so much

the air around you made me tired
your explanations
for a girl afraid of
you were too much of a risk
for me heart
- - - -

the bittersweet taste of rejections
I’m accustomed to it
I can’t imaging my coffee with it missing there
thank you for reminding me of its flavor

I guess I needed that
in a way
to keep me grounded
and yourself elevated
the irony of our situation is lost
on no one

- - -

you carry me so often
i'd think i'd dated you
but only for the simple
that i don't know what
your lips come in

so i just noticed that i had the same blog
on here twice, so i had to change it
not really an entry as much as pieces that
i haven't figured out where they fit, but
i guess it fits inwith what was going on when i
posted the last couple of blogs
oops... i need to pay better attention

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