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Monday, May 10, 2010

a week of old beginnings

it actually did save. had to go back in and edit what i had left in here.

I guess I’ll just finish the blog on Word and update it later

My brother asked for my advice in relationships on Sunday. Absolutely hilarious how the tables have turned. Well actually I’ve never asked his advice in relationships- not that he doesn’t give it anyway.

he met this girl he’s really interested in and he told us about it. that’s a big thing since Trevor usually doesn’t tell us anything. He just brings someone home and we just kind of go with it. anyway he met this girl and was so interested he asked for advice.

The first problem. He was planning on waiting 2-3 days before calling her. Like I get that that was the thing to do back in the day…but this is the era of instant gratification. I mean don’t call her immediately after getting her number…but don’t wait that long. If she’s cute…someone is going to snag her up. Call the next day.

Or text

I’m a big fan of the next morning text reminder like

::hey [insert name] its [insert name]. we met last night. Is it ok if I call you later::

Nicely leaves the ball in her court to continue communication. Less possibility of rejection. Quick. Easy. Effective.

But Trevor doesn’t have text messages.


Either way he called. She called back

Foot in the door.

I was trying to give good advice. But as for dates- I don’t really go on those…ever. I get stood up. I let Meghan tell him the right and wrong things to do.

As for phone boning I was amazing at telling him what not to do. I’ve had enough experience with what people do wrong on the phone.

Too much experience.

Way too much

Aaron tried to friend shalanda on facebook the other day

He still has me blocked

She ignored the invitation and called me to let me know he’s retarded

It kind of burned a little…

I had actually been thinking of him a lot recently.

thankfully the lord reminded me why i shouldn't go back...perfect timing.

blogger's back up (lets see how long this lasts.)

thought a lot about clayton over the weekend. but thats what the spring time and mcdaniel remind me of. well summer heat in the spring remind me of him. i don't know why- its not like we saw each other in the spring heat. or hung out in the heat. but i remember escaping it to become enraptured in him.

thats when april popped up out of shalanda's mouth. i guess its the three of us that will always bounce like pinballs in my mind.

it reminded me of quote from the wind done gone.

i wanted someone to want me more. someone to see her but choose me.

in the story he didn't really choose either. or rather he chose both. left one, she died and then never really stayed with the other. she left i guess you could say.

i wonder which one i am in the story. if i'm cynara or scarlet. i think i've played both in my lifetime. i don't know which one is the better character to play. neither one had a happy ending. but i guess thats just life in general.

thats why they created fairy tales- to give you hope that maybe you'll be that 1% that does end up winning.

i used to have that hope

i don't really have it anymore

but i have strong willingness to try

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