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Thursday, May 27, 2010

no real subject actually...

I'm headed tot he beach tonight...with 3 skinny bitches. lol. not the best choice...but its too late.
i'm ok being the fat friend. it won't be the first time.

i should have packed last night, but instead decided to shave my legs and pile clothes on the floor

-what i need to bring

- what i want to bring

- what i really don't need
but will most likely end up
in my luggage anyway

I now have like 6 swim suits and 4 pairs of leggings and 2 leotards and 3 pairs of shorts and heels and heels and heels and nothing packed.

i'm still trying to decide if i want to go to the gym today or just go straight to get my nails done and do my hair. but i kind of want to see my la fitness crush one last time...just in case i miss him next time i go...like last time i went...

this entry is rather lack luster today. but i refuse to type out the thoughts i'm thinking...because i'm done talking about them

i went to orientation at Trinity University yesterday. I got into the Masters of Arts in Teaching. They've already signed me up for summer classes and i just need to talk to financial aid. the only problem is i don't know if this is what i want. i'm just waiting to see if i get into Heidelberg. I might ask to defer until the fall...just in case. so i don't start paying for something and sign up for loans that i don't want to have.

i just stopped to send my sister an email about it. hopefully she can help me figure my life out...because sometimes i just don't know what i'm doing.

i just finished reading

it was really good. The Author: Sarah Addison Allen has only written 3 books, and I've finished all of them since i started "one click" shopping at Amazon.com last week.

she writes in this enchanted sort of magical realism. where its not surprising that eating in apple will show you your future, or baking a cake will give people hope.

its beautiful

i mean at the end of a day its a romance story just like every other book...but there's more there. there' are lives,

"There was a type of craziness caused by long-term complacency...There were
midlife crises and hot flashes. There were bad decisions. There were affairs.
There was a certain point when sometimes someone said, I've just had

and fears,

"Being left makes you doubt your ability to keep people, even friends." pg.

and hopes. and

"So, you're back."
"i'm back."
"I'm glad."
Sydney shook her head. This was an unexpected turn to her day. You are,
quite possibly, the first person to actually say that to me."
"Well, the best things are worth waiting for."


Fred was left to watch him go. "I used to overhear the checkout girls int
he break room," Fred finally said softly to no one in particular. Evanelle
wondered if he even remembered she was there. "I used to think they were such
silly teenagers. believing the worst hurt in the world was when you couldn't let
go of someone who had stopped loving you. They always wanted to know why. Why didn't the boy love them anymore? They said it with such anguish."
Without another word, Fred turned and walked away.

and forevers
"No one I know has ever had this forever."
"I think of the future all the time. All of my life I've chased dreams of
what could be. For the first time in my life, I've actually caught on." He
kissed her again before grabbing his shirt and standing. "I'll give you one
day at a time Claire. But remember, I'm thousands of days ahead already."
pg. 233

I love books like that. books that just take the words right out of your soul...and give them back as if you never knew that they took them

"It feels like he's taken your heart, doesn't it?...Like he's reached in and
pulled it out from you. And I bet he smiles like he doesn't know, like he
doesn't know he's holding your heart in his hand and you're dying from him." The Sugar Queen Sarah Addison Allen

words you've thought. and words you've always wanted to here

"I spend so much time telling myself that this wasn't home that I started
to believe it," she said carefully. "Belonging has always been tough for
"I can be your home," he said quietly. "Belong to me." The Girl Who
Chased the Moon
Sarah Addison Allen

now i have to find a new author. The problem with reading everything someone has ever written is that you're constantly looking for someone else to read....

well thats all for now...maybe i'll actually formulate my thoughts into a real entry later on....

if not...well than i'm sure there will be tons to talk about when i get back from the beach

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