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Friday, May 21, 2010

hello sun light, hello moon shine

so there's a place across the street from where i work. Its called cosmos and it literally serves everything from Sushi to pancakes to fried plantain.

i haven't decided if i love it or hate it

but i think its a perfect example of America.

forget the concept of a mixing bowl. we didn't mix. we each have our own little container and you can pick and choose what you on your plate and you can go to the same place to get it all, but you know what goes best with what and you know who's going to get what. and it all goes down with a nice over priced soda

any whoo.

its friday and beautiful about. ridiculously gorgeous out.

i want to swim in this weather. wear it like a skirt and twirl in it. envelop myself and sleep in it.

just never get away from it...

well maybe in the shade...but i love looking out the window at it.

i finished my application for HCA. I actually stopped typing to take it to the fedex drop point in the building

i'm praying for positive answers

i'm praying

that alone is a lot

i had to include a writing sample - and that sent me back to my old school email. in a folder called "papers" which was filled with a hundred things other than papers. I found something from Upton's class that sounded good. and text conversation copied and pasted and AIM and photos and


that i had forgotten

probably on purpose

and i realized - that - sometimes you get what you deserve

and you reap waht you sow

and sometimes you don't...you don't deserve it at all

life in unpredictable that way.

the things you find in old folders in dusty corners

going up to mcdaniel today. its the day before graduation, but thats not why i'm going. i'm going because i need recommendations mailed out asap. and no one is answering emails so i'm going to slip them under doors or in campus mail or whatever it is i have to do to get things done

i just need things done

and time to move on

new roads to travel and new light to travel by

i think its time to see a new angle of the moon

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