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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

listen to my words

"well if i can teach you anything don't do what i did. focus 100% on you! be completely selfish for the next 5 years. go to school, travel, date, have fun. don't waste time on men who don't deserve you. when it's not fun anymore, bounce. make them meet you at your level. do no settle. and don't limit yourself. the world is big. love comes at all ages."

my sister told me that sometime last summer. sometimes her words of wisdom just come back to me.

they mock me usually.

little things someone had told me, but i didn't listen to. but i want those words pasted on my forehead so i have to read them every time i look in the mirror. i want them tattooed to my heart. i want a constant reminder of it.

i want it to be my alarm clock in the morning and my lullaby at night.

and i want to sing it as a hymn to my daughters.

"want more, my loves.

demand more, my sweet.

know that no one will ever deserve you"

and i want them to believe it.

and then i'll show them what love really looks like...even if i was too young to realize it and then too old to say i'm sorry when i did

::selection of untitled by Virus::

i concur
and i nicknamed you earth, because i thnk the world of you
even from a world or two,
i'd poke my eyes out
just to be a blind
man, and read the braille along the
firmness of your skin
the temptations
sung, the sensations
brung me a
i'd sacrifice my poetry for you
not just for anyone, for you
not just for everyone, for you
i do not need you to be behind me,
i want you
to be beside me. side by side
strive to be
more than us. more than just
a relationship
but a relation with out inner selves.

sometimes words are enough

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