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Monday, May 17, 2010

your silence speaks volumes

i’m just somewhere else today
a thousand and 1 miles away
and I catch myself
looking back
to find you

sometimes i think that regardless of the distance
you’ll be behind me
or beside me
the way you always had been
when the distance was classrooms
and the silence was starlight
rather than road ways and states

i wish there hadn’t been silence in the first place
but sometimes the most important words
you’ll ever hear are
to everyone but your ears
and your words were louder than jet planes too me
and softer than babies breath
and sweeter that candy
or first kisses
or ::i love you more::

these miles feel like years
these days like centuries
the silence like detention in grade school
or the moment between text messages
or after breakups
an eternity that may never end
but I still search my memory
for just a vestige of your voice
or a moment in your presence

or a second of your time

and try to think that maybe one day

you’ll come back

and find me

- - -

I wish I could write political poetry. Long diatribes on the rights and wrongs of society rather than sappy depressing love prose, but I can never really find a way of getting anything else out.

I love too much I guess. Its always been my problem. A little girls desperate attempt to find a daddy to love her more.

At least I know my problems.

Maybe one day I’ll rival the greats in poetry. I’ll write pages on page with topics ranging from standing at a bus stop to fighting for freedom, but maybe I need to see the world before I can do that

Because from where I’m sitting all I see if heart break

And I guess the only thing you ever write about it what you know.

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