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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

we interrupt the regularly schedules broadcast-

I've never been big on purchasing music. I think it has a lot to do with being the youngest in the 21st century. If i couldn't find it among the collection my sister, brother or their friends then I would probably find it at Jessica's house. I think the first CD i actually purchased- on the day of its release and in general- was N'SYNC no strings attached. I later used the same CD in a fashion show on a kilt I made for Kenny.

I just have never seen the point. I guess its because i think music is universal. Its meant to share and enjoy and help us relate to each other and grow and accept and let go...a million and one things that shouldn't be hindered with nickles and dimes

but thats not exactly fair to the people who make a living out of it

maybe they should invest in other things- like Apple, or itunes or limewire

i think the best music comes from the people who struggle to get it out. Like the best basketball is in college, when everyone is fighting to make it into the NBA, once you're in you're doing just enough to stay and not get injured, but on the way up you nearly kill yourself in trying to be the best.

i think artists best CDs are their first. when they are fighting for studio time, and fame and fortune and proving to everyone else that they deserve to be where they are.

then after that all the money get in the way and its not the same anymore

but once in a while there's an artist who is so talented they make me over look all of my negativity. An artist who has so much to say and so much to do they make me actually want to drive down to a tower records stand in line to hold a hard copy of their work.

right now that artist is Drake.

hopefully it will remain that way, but i tend to let go of things rather easily.

but i find him a breath of fresh air. someone with something to say. without an agenda to get him and the rest of his homies famous.

i'm intrigued by him. and i'm relieved to finally feel that way.

his album comes out June 15th, and i am already planning on the drive, and the line and fighting tweenagers down aisles so that i can have one of the last copies of a new album. to say i was on of the million to dish out $15+. we voted and showed that we approve. we believe in this one

we have listened and not been disappointed

i have yet to be disappointed

and that says a lot about a black man in america....

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