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Thursday, May 6, 2010

hey mommy

looky what i found while cleaning out my McDaniel email account. This first email i sent my mom after i moved into mcdaniel. lol. oh the memories.

> Hey Mommy,
> I thought I'd tell you the goings on. So I've just realized that I'm going
> to not just a party school but THE PARTY SCHOOL! I mean the upperclassmen
> moved in sat. and sunday and with them came the parties. Of course before
> they came Casey was still dealing with hang overs every monday, but there
> were like 5 parties yesterday. And we were asking the RA's about getting a
> taxi to go to a club or somethign and they said there there wasn't really
> anything for a couple of weeks until there were shuttles to
> Baltimore...until then there were the Garden Apts. And when i say
> apartments I mean the rusty prijects behind Rouzer. So We heard of a party
> in Rouzer and then some football player was trying to persaude me to go to
> a party at his apartment. I didn't feel like going, so i was just gonna
> watch movies in my room and one of the few black girls came and was
> watching movies and nigga fell asleep on my bed...and wounldn't budge for
> like 3 hours and i was stuck in my computer chair (hence why i bought a
> chair at WalMart...so visitors could sit there and not sleep on my bed...)
> Anyway the other girls decided to go. Erin went with the cross country
> team....then Joanna and a bunch of other girls went to different parties
> at Rouzer and the apartments. Whit ended up coming back cuz she didn't
> wanna drink, but the power went out in her room so she went to sleep in a
> friends room in ROuzer. The other girls came back areound 12 completely
> GONE! They wer shouting and touchy feeling and laughing...and annoying.
> And the make matters worse they left a girl with some random guy in his
> room...cuz he was cute...
> so they come and then after telling stories of how the drank and made out
> with random ppl...they went to leave again. By now Matt is cracking up adn
> Brandon is ready to come and beat them up for me...and I'm just ready to
> go to bed. SO they leave again and Christina leaves her keys, so they come
> back to get it with two drunk senior guys who are trying to get them to
> sleep with them...not cool...
> so i let them in and go back to sleep. They came back at around 5 in th
> morning whil i pretended to sleep...and then woke up around 8 in the
> morning...
> so my roommate isn't too bad. I mean she's sorta annoying. she talks A Lot
> and she's really self concious. Like ont he first day she started crying
> cuz she was talking about how ppl talk about how fat she is...well i'm
> sure its gonna irk me in a couple months...right now i just pretend like i
> don't hear her sometimes...i know its mean...but what else can i
> do...she's like rooming with Charlotte sometimes...
> well we have nothin to do until 6 tonight...so i think I'll take a nap or
> write my paper...or something...
> I hope you're having fun. I MISS YOU!!! I LOVE YOU!!!
> ::kisses::
> -Holly
> P.s. hope you enjoyed the update

Thanks for the update. Glad you're having fun and handling your business. Hope the girl who fell asleep in your bed wasn't that one that Aunt Na told you not to hang out with. Remember your purpose in life and your reason for chosing a higher education, it'll help you focus on the most important things. I love you and miss you a bunch too! Remember THEY party different, (black anglish for differently).Mom

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