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Saturday, May 15, 2010

congrats the new Mr. & Mrs.

just got back from my friend Shalanda's wedding. it was beautiful. I hate to admit that i cried...but alas i was that girl.

i caught the bouquet. never expected that one.

i apologize for all the girls who now have to wait for me to get married...its going to be a while

this was one of those moments that i realized that i do want to get married though. i actually want that. that someone to wake up to every morning. some one to lean on. someone who's leaning on me. that stability, that security

that love

and seeing those two looking into each other eyes today hurt me a little...to know that i've never seen that look looking at me

i was telling my brother this morning-

i give great relationship advice. i'm not so great with relationships...but i can give some banging advice

and those words came back to me as i saw tears roll down Camara's cheeks as he looked at his bride....and i wanted that

i craved it

i yearned it

i mourned it

i deserve it....

i'm too tired to tell more tonight...maybe tomorrow.

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