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Monday, May 10, 2010

a weekend of old beginnings

my computer is going soooooo slow today...its been a while since its done this. This page itself has yet to load completely so i hope that all of the letters i'm typing show up when the rest of the page makes itself visable.

yeah...that all still makes sense.

you know its going to be a long day in the office when the internet is slow.

i talked to a bunch of people this weeked. People that are still friends after my two year absence from life.

Jenkins called. or rather told me to call her-
She wants to go to a concert in NY in June, I told her i was in regardless of date or location. She also told me about how her life was falling apart every so slightly. She was explaining the ins and outs of Crone's disease and how careful she has to be on a daily basis- i told her i understood. i have colitis. she had no idea. it was connection we have now. lol. our inability to eat like normal people. our inability to fit in somehow makes us fit together more comfortably.

the irony of our situation.

I saw Tosin. Went up and kidnapped her room for a day and a half and this time had the decency to buy her Ledo's and Juice- a staple in our college night bondings. Called up Tuck-Tuck and joined her into our girls night despite the distance between us. Seeing the two of them is like coming home. its funny how we all became so close because of the traumas that occured my senior year and tosin's sophomore year and tuck's 1st year into being and adult. a degree, a child and a school year later and the three of us still are able to talk until the sun rises about what is wiggity and boys suck and black ppl get on our nerves and how nothing ever changes while every never stays the same.

Shalanda called me as i was leaving to go see a movie with Brandon. She's getting married on Saturday. She has literally 5 more days of being single and its crazy to see someone literally jumping off the ledge and into that world. But if anyone can do it it shalanda and kiki. She called me and thus went the conversation

"hey shalanda."
"you busy"
"well I'm about to go into a move"
"well this'll be quick. guess who just called me"
"ummm april and jennifer"
"YES!!! i see a numebr flash on my phone that i haven't saved and i pickit
up and its jennifer. she was like Niya said you had a secret. no i dont. niya
said you're getting married this weekend. eh yeah i am. so we're not

::this is where i immediately busted out laughing:: i know shalanda hadn't invited them or even had the plan to invite them, but she had continued to tell them she was going to send them invites...while rejecting their friend requests...i didn't expect them to call however. she went on to explain how she went on to explain to them that she didn't have the money to invite everyone. so she invited her family first and if she had room she invited other people. April grabbed the phone and told her that she was officially mad at her. Shalanda said fine.

i had to end the conversation before it was over because i was literally sitting in a car beside brandon on the phone.

but if i could name one arch nemisis during my 4 years at mcdaniel it would have been her...and to this day i dont' know how it started...but its comfortable knowing she wont' be there on shalanda's day...

i think thats the vengeful side of my talking.

i'm still getting to know her...

i kind of like having her around

hung out with brandon. he hit me up out of the blue on friday. just a random text asking if i wanted to see a movie. i said yes. he said he'd pick me up at 9:30. thats how its always been with Brandon. just comfortable. like not the explosive fireworks or love, but more like a sunny beach and a cool wave. you can never expect when its going to hit, but you know it will. and you know you'll like it when it does.

i love the beach.

i love the waves

but i don't know if i'd live there

the biggest problem in our relationship...

dammit blogger you keep threatening to no save this post. i'll be pissed if at the end this all disappears. i have so much more to say. maybe i'll end here and write mroe on a word processor and update later just to be careful.

i have so many thoughts this morning. so many thoughts from this weekend that i've been wanting to write down. don't do and not give me the chance to tell them to you...

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