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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Black Bike Week 2010

Home sweet Home!

its nice to be back. not that the beach was all together bad...but i think 4 days was a bit much to be locked in a hotel room with my friends.

there's so much to tell....i don't even know where to begin...and if i tell it all this will be the longest update ever. lets just pick and choose parts of the story and see if we can piece it all together.

It was Isata and Mango and me. Isata's friend backed out at the last minute. She's dating an older man who goes out all the time, but doesn't like her doing the same thing. so about an hour before we left she called Isata to let her know she wouldn't be attending...but she would still pay her part of the hotel.

I was a little wary about bringing Mango. We used to work together...but we fell out big time after our last trip to Ibiza where she caught feelings hard over a promoter she was talking to...things got ugly. really ugly...we haven't been out since. but since isata was bringing a friend i thought i'd bring one to make an even 4 and lower the price of the room...it did lower the price. the party ended up only being 3. and in the end it was more like 3 strangers cohabiting than friends.

no i take that back. isata was cool the whole time. but she disappeared to be with her man a lot...another piece of the puzzle i didn't know about until after we got there...and mango caught feelings again. hard

we left at midnight. it was supposed to be 11pm on thursday, but since mango decided to check the clock all the time (even on the way back when she swore i only drove for 2 hours...even though i'm pretty confident to say that from 3-6am i was behind a wheel)...we're not all together positive when we left...

the trip down wasn't bad. i slept for most of it. Isata rented a beautiful Impala that drove like Aaron's GrandPrix. I decided to be designated driver for the rest of the trip.

we got to SC around 8am. we couldn't check in until 11 so we just sort of cruised around...or rather sat in the garage until we could.

the beach was amazing

it was gorgeous. it drizzled the first day...but not for long. and the rest of the time it was absolutely breath taking

Isata took us over the meet her boo. He left us waiting int he living room at the house his biker gang always rents. that was the first sign i didn't particularly care for him.

i got kidnapped by Mac- a counselor from JFK...with no sideburns and an old man's harley

Veronica later told me "don't leave me again like that. i would never do that to one of my girls..."

the sign that i would eventually want to kill her by the end of the night.

we came back and got dressed for their annual Down 'n Dirty pre-memorial day bash

it ended up being a bunch of middle aged men...and a bunch of middle aged women...who hated on us... but i ran into Lienette...which was funny. 5 years later 300 miles away and you run into people you went to high school with.

i wish i took pictures.

some guy tried to kiss me on the beach...i've never tucked my chin to my chest fast than i did at that moment...wow...no...

the next day we hung out with Lienette...and found out that the reason none of the guys were answering their phones was because Lienette's friends were over there...awkward...i had a good time though

that nigh Isata decided on going to the club...wait i skipped the part about Elijah. He was sitting next to us on the beach...and him and his friend Cake (for some weird reason everyone had weird fake names...) we decided to have drinks at his place (7 floors beneath ours) before heading to the club...when we got there none of us knew we were coming and elijah saw me...walked in the hallway and text me "where are you"

::blank stare::

he continued to text and call every 15 minutes for the rest of the night. are you friggin kidding me...

anyway...isata decided to walk around since we couldn't find a club worth going to...but the streets of Myrtle Beach are crazy at night...and after one nigga grabbed my ass it was over for the night....

then we got cornered in an ally by a group of aggressive lesbians.

and every other man on the street stopped us...

the 4th time mango caught feelings...

i forgot to mention the others

2- at the party when i guy she knew from back at home didn't immediately come say high to her

3- when she poured her drink into my cup and i spilled a drop on the bottom of her dress after she bumped into me...she started yelling and pushing me...i looked at her like she was crazy

"do you want me to rewind time and make it not happen"

"wtf. you'd be mad if it happened to you"

"yeah i'm wearing white...i already apologized...what else do you want?"

when Isata laughed she switched stories

"ooo...lol....you know i'm just playing..."

i walked away

she kept saying these weird little things like

"you know whats great about the three of us...guys can choose their preference.
chocolate, caramel of white chocolate..."

#petpeeve needless bringing up skin color...

she also told me she doesn't consider me light. not that i do...but more than she prefers light skinned men...

#petpeeve needless commentary

anyway...im pissing myself off...

we walked around the next day and went souvenir shopping...

Isata bought her sister a turtle

more beach time

and then on the road at 3am.

forgot to mention i woke up and Isata was gone on Saturday. she left at 5am to the boys house after the day of silence

and the fighting over what time to leave after Mango fussed and fussed abotu not wanting to be on the road all day on memorial day...so we decided to leave the night before

she said 3

then later asked why we came up with that time...

::blank stare::

"i'm just not sure i'm going to want to wake up that early."

i told isata to back me and stood on 3

we got back around 10am.
Mango immediately got in someone elses car and went to OC

i came home to find my AniBunni crawling...
i was going to add more pictures...but the computer isn't letting me...maybe i'll add them when i get home

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