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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

what not to do

so I think i'm going to put together a book...or maybe a pamphlet, (depending on how detailed i end up getting) on "How to NOT approach a woman) soon to be followed by "the Correct ways to approach a woman"

Lesson 1 - Anything that could be described as, but not limited to, shouting, hooting, hollering, whistling, clapping, hopping, jumping, skipping, running up to, odd gestures toward, cat calling, or anything else that you would feel uncomfortable doing in the presence of the Lord...or your mother...is never appropriate.

cease and desist at once.

Lesson 2- Anything before the hours 10am or after 12am are not appropriate times to meet/approach any respectable woman and expect complete honesty or interest. He's only interested in getting one thing and she probably is too

i meant a drink at a bar....sheesh ppl get your minds out of the gutter

ok if you're a guy you're mind is already int he thus mention gutter...and i know what you're looking for

Lesson 3- Refrain from question such as "what are you?," "Where's your boyfriend?," or "You got any kids..." its an easy way for a woman to lie and avoid meeting you "umm american," "right there/at work/at home/not you" now the kid question...i'd lie and say 5 if it would get me away from you

how about "hi, i just wanted to tell you you're beautiful. can i ask you your name?"


unless you just chased me across the street to say it.

Lesson 4- please don't drive up to a woman, stick your head out and actually expect her to talk to you

Lesson 5- Don't leave your gf and try to talk to someone else

Lesson 6- Do NOT approach her with your new born child


definitely too soon

Lesson 7- during the first introduction do not tell me about your past relationships, your apartment in baltimore, what car you drive and that you love your mother...i don't care. if i did...i'd ask you

Lesson 8- Don't stare at me from across the room and loudly discuss features you like to your friend standing next to you...its not cute

Lesson 9 - don't talk about sex

Lesson 10- don't talk about my body

Lesson 11- don't tell me what you want to do with it

Lesson 12 - don't talk about your body

Lesson 13- don't touch me

Lesson 14- please don't stand too close

Lesson 14 a - please be clean and don't smell. if you just got out of the gym...sorry its just not meant to be.

Lesson 15- don't give me your card and walk away instead of saying anything....you look pompous

Lesson 16- don't act like its an honor that you're speaking to me

Lesson 17- don't be rude/mean if i'm not interested. its not me...its you...

Lesson 18- Don't interrupt my phone call

Lesson 19- don't try to force my number into your phone. or mine into yours

Lesson 20- don't just keep talking...if i'm not responding its because i'm not interested...or because you won't give me a chance to say anything.

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