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Friday, April 9, 2010

the dreaded 7:15

i woke up late today...the first time i've done this at this job...

just late. ridiculously late...and story is even worse when you hear it.

so travel with me and i'll walk you through.

My friend Shalanda is getting married in May. May 15th to be exact and after our tumultuous break up and un-break up (excuse my grammar...i woke up late remember...) things aer back on track. Now I haven't seen anyone since I graduated...except for the girls, but i haven't really seen them in a while either. So I've decided that this will be my motivation to actually stick to the diet routine...i've been doing the work outs...but dieting...yeah...about that.

and then he'll be there...we've already discussed that.

Also my high school has decided to have a 5 year reunion in June. Now i really haven't' seen any of them. maybe ran into a couple at the mall...but not hung out with any of them since 2005 (and i do use hang out very losely...)

so back to the gym. I had a long discussion with my trainer. he finally broke down and told me the aerobic classes I've been taking are pointless. they're a lot of fun but if i'm serious about shedding the pounds i have to the do the cycling class. (I hate the cycling class)...i moaned and complained and pleaded...nope. to cycling

yesterday was my first day.


i wish you could see my shaking my head...it was...just...::silence::...

its an hour of non stop pedaling...no break. no pause. actually what "spinners" consider a break is pushing the resistance down and going faster. wtf? I thought my legs were going to give out during the first 15 minutes. and I've been going to the gym religiously for the last 4 -5 months...i can run ont he elliptical for 20 minutes and not breath hard.

after 20 minutes in this class....wait. you knwo the gasping, shaking breath that happens after you've been sobbing for hours. that ::hu-hu-ehhhh:: breath...yeah that was me.


in class

I was sweating so much it looked like i jumped into a pool

and then got out and peed on myself

when it was time to get off the bikes and stretch my legs gave out and i almost face planted in front of everyone.

and the girls next to me who just had to be supermodel skinny with perfect hair...looked like she just came out of the salon

i look liked i was dragged behind a car for miles and then drowned.

so i got home...made a beef and cheese omelet. called and wished someone a happy birthday (another story for another day) showered and then collapsed.


at 9:00 pm

i don't think i've gone to sleep at 9 since i was 7. I was out...as soon as my head hit the pillow. not even as soon as i turned off the light...thank goodness i was already in bed.

woke up at 1am wide awake...drank some water and went under

and then stayed under through the alarms




5:43 (yeah...don't know what happened there)

and then my drowsy mind waited for the 5:45....which never came

I woke up with a start at 6:10 and rushed everywhere trying to figure out what pants with what shirt...and where are my gym pants and dammit i'm out of socks...and what about breakfast...out out out...

and got to the train station right as my train was leaving wearing a red plaid jacket over a magenta skirt...

and still got to work at 7:15


i could have slept for 10 more minutes


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