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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

random thoughts

i would like to thank bossip for creating a loophole in my internet access...even though i'm not able to go to gossip/pop culture entertainment sites, by becoming a fan of bossip on facebook i have a live feed all day long.

if only Media Take out did the same thing...

i think women executives are the hardest people in the world. Not only are they working 8+ hours and balancing a family as well as a career they're doing it in heels. Now that might not sound like much...but i'm an admin at the moment and i'm wearing flats...and i don't walk half as far as these women in their gucci heels.

and gucci heels don't have much give to them.

i think life would be easier if we were allowed to choose how we'd look before we had the look...like out of these 3 body types which do you want? what color eyes? how long the hair? it would just make life easier at the end of the day...like you can't be mad at the attention you're getting...you asked for it.

personally...i didn't ask...

i wish i liked wearing heels more

i miss cuddling

i wish my niece hadn't given me her cold

how much longer till summer?

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