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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

peas in a pod

so my ex called last night.

This in of itself is miraculous...after the unfortunate and shocking event that happened to his phone number (if anyone asks i plead the fifth...i know nothing, saw nothing...i was enveloped in a sea of red and have no idea what happened). Anyhoo...i had been playing with my niece when i realized i had a missed call and his mother's name popped up. I still have relatively cool connections with the rest of his family, so i called back only to hear him pick up the phone


you know those moments when you're stuck...like you don't want to be a jerk, but you have literally nothing nice to say. thats where i was. listening to his moaning and crying about how horrible everything is and how he's soooo sorry and he wants things to be the way they were before...

i asked him if he came to this realization before or after he tried to get in Alecia's pants...


yeah exactly.

so he kept on for about an hour while i sat in silence...

then eli called and two days ago jemar called...i feel like all of the jerks are coming out of the wood work right now.

i've heard from everyone i don't want to hear from...but silence from who i do want to


i think i think of you know because its less intimidating because you're far away...no thats not true. maybe because you've changed so much that i can pretend to put you in a category
or may because underneath you new lays of gloss i know who you are
and you're just like me...or maybe nothing like me any longer

but when i look at you i see it

and if you'd only ever asked for it i would have given you my heart
but you only knew how to give
and so did i...

what an interesting duo we always made...

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