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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


the problem with waking up at 5:30 every morning is that you become accustomed to it. You start rising before your alarm clock goes off. you know the exact time the lights change driving down the street. you have a seating arrangement in the parking garage, (and hey you...i know you're new here because you keep parking in my seat...no acceptable...)

I also start assuming everyone else is awake when I am

they're not.

so to everyone out there who keeps getting text messages around 6am...i apologize. i don't mean to disrupt your sleep...but these are normal business hours. rise and shine

and play with me...cuz i'm bored as crap right now.

my coworker is out sick today. and i really have no idea what i'm doing. i dont' have access to calendars yet. i can barely schedule meetings. i'm amazing at answering phones...but who ever calls. I'm not complaining...i'm just stating facts.

and today is going to be interesting.

someone told me that it looks like i'm losing weight. I'm not...i've stayed the same weight for the last month i think...fluctuating between 5 different numbers...but staying in the same size pants. but i'm seeing a difference (i wish the scale was) anyway...i've only been working here for a little over 2 weeks, so for her to see a difference is pretty amazing. i should thank my trainer.

i probably won't...but thats our relationship. if we were nice to each other it would ruin the delicate balance that is...well...us...

ok i think i have to go. one of the managers was supposed to send me a memo to edit...i have yet to receive it and i hear her walking up here to ask me about it...oh lord...lol. this is gonna be a fun day

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