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Monday, April 12, 2010


there's a girl in my office i don't like.

and i really have no reason not to like her other than the fact that she rubbed me the wrong way the first time i saw her and i can't really put my finger on what it is about her that just


gets to me.
i think its that her hair is just too blonde or her eyes or just too blue and her skirt that first day just a tad too short for a casual friday... or maybe she's just too sure of herself for an intern. and i'm kinda irked that she keeps looking down on me. oh my humble position as admin to her lack of a degree. but i guess ppl usually expect less from an admin at the end of the day.


the weekend was uneventful. my niece has her first cold which means the world has stopped. poor baby doesn't know how to blow her nose yet...so she's a reck.

and no i have a cold too... typical...

i spent the weekend at home. i just wasnt in the mood to go out...i haven't been in a couple of weeks now. hopefull i will be this weekend since i've committed myself to go out with mango.

i did my measurments at the gym. i've lost 3 inches on my waist so far. a great accomplishment seeing that i haven't been dieting and the first month was the blizzard so i pretty much started all over again. the extreme diet starts today to be ready for may and june.

my measurements are getting pretty ridiculous if i may say so. hips no change ( i knew that was going to happen.) lost 2 inches on each thigh, nothing on the calves (blown) shoulders an inch, check inch and a half (not happy about that)...and got way more flexible (not quite sure how that happened).

just need to fit into the bcbg summer line in a month and all will be well inthe world.

my trainer, a ninja turtle looking gentleman that affectionately goes by "Black goo," and i had a long talk about relationships. he asked me what happened with my ex since i told him that he randomly called me the other day. I told him he cheated on me...he said "what? why would anyone cheat on you?" ::the question i've been wondering for years:: he then asked a hundred questions: did i do this? did i not do this? did i go here? did i not go there? did i do what he wanted? yes. all the time. but i think that was the problem. guys walk all over ppl that do what ever they want. they stay with the jerks. he said no.

he started telling me about his exs (and there have been a couple. He has 3 kids but the way...by 3 different women...he said he can't trust women and thats why he plays them so hard (interesting seeing that he's asked me twice now) i told him

"real talk...i wish i had. i wish i had done something....just so i knew. like at the end...after all those times he played me....i'd just know that i had something. that it wouldn't hurt so bad...so that i deserved it...ya know"

he started singing ::i shoulda cheated:: lol. loser

he asked me how it made me feel. lol. ummm...mad. hurt. humiliated...how do you think it made me feel.

then before i left he pulled me to the side and told me "you know you're a really beautiful woman. You're too pretty to ever let anyone make you feel bad. Never let anyone make you cry..."

i then went back to the locker room and cried.


but i guess thats all for now. No new poetry. haven't really been in the mood to write.

my muse has turned into a little smuttbucket and i'm not really feeling him right now.

i can't keep falling for guys who aren't the ppl they used to be.

so yeah...toodles.

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