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Friday, April 23, 2010

on to the next one

so my boss is out sick today...so i'll be on facebook literally all day.

so my date yesterday. #fail

so i get off of work early so i can get dressed and i look hot. grey pencil skirt, pen stripe button up, black belt, sexy black pumps, sexy hair and hot make up. i leave at 6 since owings mill is 50 minutes away and i'm horrible with directions and i borrow meghan's car because mine has been acting up. so i'm driving and without paying attention fly by my exit and end up in westminster. fml. its 6:40 and i'm 45 minutes away. i look down at my phone and my sister has been texting me non stop since i left but i notice one of them is from my date

6:21 ::hello::

so i responed ::hey. so i might be a little late tonight. sry. i missed my exit::

he responds ::no no. i was hitting you up to tell you i had a family issue and had to go home to philly::

WTF...its 7:00. and your ass texts me to tell me that. not even calls. I live an hour away. i'm on my way. i didn't even know what to say. all of a sudden my car is slowing down on the highway...ppl are passing me and tears are filling my eyes

i hate dating

::o...well i guess i'm rushing for no reason. i hope everythings ok::

::yeah my cousin got hit up...but he's a soldier::

::wow. well thanks for calling me to let me know...i guess i'll talk to you some other time::

::i'm back in the am. i can come down to you if you want::


i call my sister. furious. embarrassed. so sick of the same shit.


i came up. took off my shoes. put on some sweats. maid a tuna a cheddar sandwich, curled up in my moms bed and vegged in front of project runway. and didn't talk to anyone. before i went to bed i simply responded with


nigga that was strike three
1) you tried to grab my ass in a club
2) you never called. ever. unless you were the blocked number in which case you never left a message
3) you cancelled a date 30 minutes before the date over text message

p.s. i hate you.

he probably has a gf. or a wife. or a baby mama....or he's just wack in general. thats not even a probably. he is in fact WACK

f this. i'm going to be a hot spinster with 500 cats in a nice ass house and spoil my niece with everything she ever wants.

fuck niggas

get money

i hate the ravens

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