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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

first dates

so i'm going on a date. and i rarely go on dates...so it must be a big thing if i'm actually planning on going an dnot just saying i'm going and then avoiding their phone calls

which might actually be happening...but i don't really know that its him calling from the blocked/unknown number and not leaving a message. who blocks their number and then doesn't leave a message. eh

anyway i met him at the club on saturday. and i actually was about to hit him in the face...which just shows you that this is a match made in heaven... :-/

anyway we're going out on thursday since he'll be out of town on saturday...so i guess i'll have to explain to my trainer later why i skipped the gym during the week or i'll have to go on saturday to make up for it (not excited...but i have lost 10 pounds...so i'm going to do what i have to do at this point)

so i asked him what time and where?
he says "owings mill. anytime your'e available. anywhere you want."

i think this is a trick

there is no right answer...if i choose a realyl cheap place it looks like i have no standards if i choose a really expensive place i look like a user

and i'm not the familiar with owings mill regardless so i don't even know what an inbetween place is.

i'm between bone fish, liberatore's and ruth's chris

bone fish:
pros- good food, reasonable price, never been.
cons- fish....

pros- love italian, reasonable price, good reviews
cons- kind of looks cheap, i'm messy with italian, never been

ruth's chris
pros- heard lots of good reviews, amazing food, great environment
cons- crazy expensive, not really in owings mill...

extra con- i don't know where any of these places actually are.

im about to be like f-it...meet me at cheesecake factory down here.

i thought guys made the plans for the first date anyway.

onto another subject. i can't find the pictures from the club on saturday and i really want them. The friday pictures were kind of skanky...but i was looking cute on saturday. but they're no where to be seen.

DaVaughn, Marko and Bim keep tagging me on facebook with the friday pics though.

not cool...

Spring fling is this weekend at McDaniel. I promised to go. and then May 1st is the 1st year back reunion. that'll be 3 weekends in a row in McDaniel. I dunno if i'm ready to see everyone again. but the thing about graduating if i really could just never see them ever again.

and i kind of want to show them they didn't break me.

we'll see what happens. everything seems to be in warp speed these days.

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