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Thursday, April 1, 2010

talking to you always makes me feel inspired

If I could go back in time

I would dance
and smile
and apply there and not work there
and say no
No.........no.........no..........no...........and...........definitely no
and turn right when I’d turned left
and not said hello to her just to be polite
and not smiled at him just to be polite
and actually told you what I was thinking
_____________f@ck being polite

I would have gone to the party
I would have work that skirt mom said looked trashy
and the heels I that I KNEW looked trashy
and I would have taken them off once my feet started hurting.
and kicked them in the corner and_____________________kept on dancing

I would have given you my number
I wouldn’t have given it to you…but once you got it I would have changed it
or answered nonchalantly
“no darling…you must have the wrong number”
or “no, really lets just be friends”
or “nigga where’d you get this number at?”

I would have written poems
and recited them
and not been afraid of the ppl looking at me, or what they were thinking
I would have taken the stage
auditioned for that play
sang in the choir
sang in the shower
sang out loud walking back from work and smiled when ppl looked at me crazy

I would have taken walks at night
and looked at the stars
and made wishes about everything from the grade on my next text to the gender of my first born to the crush I had on the boy who sat behind me in math class

I would have dreamed
and written them down
and shared them
and hoped that the good ones came true and the bad ones were just weird plots from movies I must have watched too late at night or that book I read right before I fell asleep.

I would have been confident
and self sufficient
and proud
and looked in the mirror and saw that I was beautiful and not the wild hair, and annoying freckle or the pig nose or the acne that continues to plague me to this day

I wouldn’t have needed you
or you________or you_____or you_____maybe you on cold nights when I was afraid to walk by myself
I would have cried during that movie,
I would have finished that book
I would have worn sweats instead
and I wouldn’t have forgotten my jacket

But I would never regret
meeting you

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