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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the ocean and you

i think we look best
at twilight
on the beach
with the gentle beat of waves crashing
and the scent of salt water waltzing on the breeze
our skins is softest
covered in sand and
tinted slightly blue beneath the waves
around us
and our voices carry
a slightly musical tune
when swept away with gull cries
and giggles
and the soft trickle of water
sliding between our skin

i think our flavors mesh best
with a touch of salt
just a pinch
or a bucket
so much so that when i rub my hands across your flesh
i feel the grit
that makes you stronger
even to yourself
that withstanding force
like stone
and tree
and shelter
and me and you and everything in between
and the sea

-­ - -

some times
pictures say a thousand words
and others
they only need to say


or a few

i miss you

or none

and the silence alone reminds you

everything that came before
and after
and between

but i have tons of stories for you
and i want you to remember me like that

a picture
and silence
and memories of words
not told or whispered
or written for your eyes alone

and in color

i want you to remember me in color

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