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Friday, June 4, 2010

period ?

my coworker just had a moodswing on me...she's pregnant so it's to be expected.

she wanted me to do some work for her...she works in another department so she has a different manager than i do. i actually was hired to replace her here so they could move her somewhere else in the office. anyway...i had to make a transition book of sorts...i had to make two copies and it took 2 weeks to get all of the information from every segment of the globe and reformat and edit and reedit until finally it was completed....

and after all of that Riri's manager decided she wanted a copy...ok well i uploaded all of the sections onto the shared computer drive she can see everything we can see

no she wants a hard copy

ok...well everythings up there

then riri asked me to get the other book and meet her at her desk...umm...i'm not making it again...and you can come get the book i don't have it...

she flipped...that was yesterday

well today she calls and does it again. telling me to go get the book out of my managers office...i was like you can do that? its equidistant from the two of us...

i told her everything was uploaded...even the table of contents...w/e. i got the book and brought it to my desk and told her she could come get it (a further walk than if she just went and got it herself)

she then came up here and reprimanded me...telling me not to interrupt her when she's talking and to stop finishing her sentences and acting like i know what she's going to say because she wasn't asking me to make the book for her...etc.

i sat there

i listened

she finished and looked at me

are you finished? is your sentence complete?


then she proceeded to go page by page asking me how i did it...

its online.


and then acted like we were friends

you can go sit down now


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