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Monday, June 14, 2010


I finally made it. Finally
three years later. 4 DC appearances. 2 missed concerts. 1 broken ankle and 1 horrible break up later I finally made it to a Drake concert. And i was not disappointed.
i kind of hoped I would be. I thought maybe if I went...and he forgot the words, or couldn't keep a tune, or sat down the whole time, or the crowd wasn't into or someone spilled a drink on me...something anything would be proof enough that this infatuation would be short lived. unfortunately for me it was great.
it was a great performance. packed. wall to wall people. who knew every word to every song...even the ones not yet released. and it was great.
i hadn't even expected to attend. didn't look for tickets. wasn't planning an outfit. asked about the afterparty once and had no intention of going. Jenkins has already bought our tickets to a concert in August and I was fine just waiting until then...then all of a sudden Bran text me. Friday afternoon. cool nonchalant.
::Hey. u going to the drake concert on sunday?::
: I wish :
::Indeed. is it a time thing? cuz if not i may get tickets from work::
:Na it was a ticket thing. lol:
::Haha indeed. but if I can get tickets do u wanna go wit me?::
ummm...did he just propose marriage? because that sure sounded like a proposal to me
: YES!!! :
i didn't get my hopes up. didn't even think about it again until i was standing at my 5 year high school reunion...surrounded by people and purposely did not stay in contact with pretending to care about their future plans rather than checking my watch to see if it was the ideal time to leave and seem like i came for a reason rather than running away from the people i never liked (except for the select few [or one] who i was surprisingly happy to see again)
::I have good news...:: def never saw that message
::I guess ur hangin out...anyways i got two drake tickets.::
: Just screamed at the reunion. Lol :
so yeah...we went. best date of my life. he said he doesn't like drake. he also said he got the tickets for free...but i saw him slip the guest list woman a $50 so i guess free has a price these days.
it was wonderful. as to be expected. i have no words. we were close. close enough to know he wasn't clean shaven, his eyes are actually light brown and that he does in fact resemble the jewish side of his family a little more than the black relations...he was funny. and charming. and personable...and he loved what he was doing...and to me that means more that anything else. to absolutely love what you do. to have a passion for your art...thats priceless.
the show was amazing. i'm utterly exhausted and don't regret a minute of the 3 hour wait in line or the girl who tried to knock me out because i knocked her cell phone out of her hand (she should have been holding on to it tighter) or the short girl who kept flipping her hair into my mouth...all of it was fine to finally be there and see that it was talent that made him famous and not looks or acting or money...but talent and passion and drive.
and the fact that he hasn't forgotten where he came from and he hasn't forgotten it wasn't the hood. and he's still a person with hopes and dreams and faults and its wonderful to know that this new generation of artists are people. people that we can relate to and look up to and are
just real.
and standing in a room over capacity with one exit and 2 balconies and hundreds of people between the ages of 15 and 35 from white to black to asian to everything in between and mixed together shoulder to shoulder relating to one thing...or a million things and all these ideas and plans and dreams...
it was

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