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Friday, June 4, 2010

curves ahead

I forgot to update

I went out with Bran the other day. Wednesday I think. After i saw my trainer- i tend to go out with him when i'm sore...i don't know if it's intentional. it was the day after dinner with matt...where- well you know what happened

anyway- we went to see Letter's from Juliet.

in concept it sounds like a really cute story. Women travel to go to the wall beneath Juliet's, (Rome's Juliet...) balcony window. They write letters about love; lost love, forbidden love, young love etc. well a group of women gather the letters every night- read them and respond. Well of course a beautiful blonde with her own subconscious doubts about love shows up and somehow joins the group and in the process, finds a letter that's been hidden in the wall for 50 years. Well Sophie (the girl in question) responds. you know. girl meets boy, hates boy, falls in love

the theme- wait for it. it'll come. true love conquers all

it would have been cute if it wasn't for a bad script and sub par acting...it probably was a better screenplay than a movie.

anyway i went with bran, because he's the only one who would go see a chick flick with me...did he get the hint? of course not. his jokes were funny in the beginning...but he has a tendency to keep them going a bit past funny... and for some reason he can't carry on a serious conversation with me in person. ever

at all


i dunno what to do

going to the beach with Scoob and Gaby this weekend if the weather permits. Kind of thought i'd run into Aaron, but the family is making sure that doesn't happen...which is for the best.

i have to admit i did email him. I know i'm an idiot (Tosin if you're reading this...i don't want to hear it from you...) he never responded. not surprised. of course now

hurt a little

as expected

scoob told me he introduced her to Alecia. i was pissed...not to mention the new girl who's already being paraded around...it took me 6 months...its taken her what 2 weeks? and alecia less than that.

i guess i expected him to wait. i expected him to succeed and wait. to want more out of life, out of himself and somehow- like all romantic comedies- we'd meet again and everything would work the way it was supposed to in the first place

except in real life men are whores...lol...and so are women...and life isn't fair

and no one waits

and i always end up crying (i'm kind of annoyed with that bit)

but w/e. we'll see what happens. My life usually follows the same structure...but the inside always twists and turns a little

i'm ready for a bit of turn right about now. so whenever you're ready to twist, Lord, let me know

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