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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

daisy's back

There was this book i read once. and i emphasize the once because i tend to finish a book and immediately begin again until i know the book by heart and i can skip to my favorite parts and read the first line and already know word for word what happens next.

i only read this once

i'm actually now sure what happened to the book. its not even in the library i call i room. i might have left it somewhere...but strangely enough i can remember that book almost better than the one i read last night

maybe because it hit too close to home

it was called Daisy's Back in Town by Rachel Gibson

I like Gibson's books. i like how she writes. her characters are realistic. their problems are problems we all face. their love seems real. their fights seem real- the only fiction is the moment when HE realizes he lover HER and there's a three page monologue about how perfect she is...

...that never happens in real life

but each of Gibson's books, about 4 pages from the end- there it is. like clock work. when i reread the books i usually skip those three pages and just get straight into the hint of the future of the last parting joke.

anyway. back to the book i'm talking about.

Daisy's Back in Town is about a woman returning for the first time in 15 years from her childhood home. her husband recently died and she has a 15 year old son and she has a secret (duh). Of course her long lost love is there and their story is told through flash backs and arguments that happen everytime there in a room with each other for longer that 3 minutes.

the reason the book seems to real to be true is by how the narrator describes the love between the three main characters (one being absent due to death)

There were two best friends and Daisy and they all loved each other. Daisy married one but always loved the other (just read it to find out more...)

but its explained that her love for her husband was calm and peaceful- like an ocean. they matched each other. it was soothing and comfortable and right

but with Jackson (had to look up his name) it was explosive. Always explosive. their fights were huge. their reactions huge their love HUGE. there was never a calm moment just one to the next to the next

it had always been that way. and it terrified her. even then it terrified her. as a little girl.

what happens if the explosions stop?

what happens if they don't?

it just seemed to much like me i guess...that feeling. that explosion...

i'm terrified of that feeling

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