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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

i wish you'd listen

Christeenna had a situation this past week. She got me up to date on saturday, sitting in the bleachers during the football game where we usually complain about relationships and misunderstandings and the newest en-dits that goes on within the mutli layer/multi tiered organization that makes up their extended family unit...

Christeenna has had an on again off again relationship with the bad boy next door that has been affectionaly nicknamed "Long-Hair-Don't-Care" and now that he's finally buzzed off the greasy strands she was so enthralled with "Short-Hair-In-Jail" or simply "The Lesbian" as her brother states...

I'm not a big fan of him.

there are a thousand reasons why...but this blog is no where near private enough to disclose all of that information. however i'm sure you could google his name and just read the court cases yourself.

its all public record...

anyway...he has a girlfriend. A fact he forgot to disclose to Scoob (christeenna), but rather she found out from his facebook when a new relationship status popped up. he even went so far as to tell her that he never planned on telling her the information.

have i mentioned that i don't like this kid?

Anyway so "S-H-I-J" has been calling nonstop. as expected. she blocked his number, so he started calling from another. when he found himself in a situation where he was only allowed one phone call (please follow me here...i'm trying not to type it out) he called her first. it just keeps happening this way.

she told me this weekend that she made the mistake of calling him back though. he said he needed help on the placement tests for school. He said he needed help registering for classes and scoob met him on campus and helped him go through the steps. this lead to talking again and calling and the same old stories that we should all be used to...

then she called him back and she answered....

things quickly went down hill. flew down hill. plummeted off a cliff if it were...

scoob laughed when the girl cussed at her. laughed in her face.

I don't think she was expected it when he sided with the other girl and not her. He called back and told scoob that he thought she knew he was still dating her...that scoob needed to be nicer.

scoob told him not to call anymore.

she told me that she wished she's come over. that the girl would cross over the side walk into her yard so that she could tell her about herself. i told her not to. its pointless...it'll happen eventually. you know when things are already in the works. the world is too small a place and their neighborhood too small in general for them not to meet on the same side of the pavement.

i tried to tell her the girls point of view. i tried to explain to her how she probably felt. what he's probably said. how it probably hurts to hear about her all the time.

Luz shook her head and said "holly. you and christeenna are on the same side in this...don't stand up for her..."

but we weren't. and i wouldn't. because i didn't feel like that was the side i was meant to be on.

and that night when scoob told her brother. laughing about how this girl was stalking her and knew everything about her and how she wished she could meet her in the street there i was again trying to tell her...to explain. but it was pointless.

"she's not the enemy christeenna...and neither are you...not in this situation..."

i wish she would listen to me sometimes. that i was a credible enough source that she would hear me when i give advice. when i tell her not to follow in my footsteps. when we write down pros and cons.

i've never seen her cry. but i've seen her eyes after these tings have happened. i've seen her laugh to save face. and i've seen her pick up the pieces of her heart just to hold them out again to be slapped away.

i want more for her than what i want for myself...

and she just wants to be loved.

i see myself in her eyes...

and it hurts...

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