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Thursday, August 12, 2010

lets be realistic

so yesterday was the day from hell...maybe its just the week from hell...things just haven't been going great for me since monday. thank goodness its almost over.

today has been much better. my coworker's last day is tomorrow. we threw together a going away bash in about 15 minutes and have enough food to feed a small nation...oh well. better too much than too little.

been rather upset over a conversation from yesterday. I don't know if i got upset because of the subject or if i was already upset from before.

remember when i said it was like no time has passed? Like we just started again last august. except the the positions are reversed. and i'm the one waiting and he's the one going...and he says its not because he's getting back at me...but he just likes to

::blank stare::

the concept of playing with fire comes to mind...

something about if you don't like the heat and staying out of the kitchen.

strange cliches.

just ideas....

and nothing else.

oh well. i guess i'll call some people. make some plans. go some places

change my priorities a little.

fix them

be realistic.

for once...

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