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Monday, December 21, 2009

"you will pass a difficult test that will make you happier" fortune cookie

My niece was born last week and she put a lot of things in perspective

I learned that I don't need you to love me

I don't need you to be here

I can have love with out you...

how did i ever live without you? how did i live for so long with you?

I'm taking every day at a time. learning to move on....taking steps to not need you. I guess i've just used to this addiction. i'm not used to not speaking to you

but things aren't the same anymore.

and you keep saying how things just changed so quickly...but they didn't...they have been changing for years

I just learned to stand up for myself

and after seeing her little face i realized i could stand up for her...theres so little i wouldn't do for her

and if she was in my position...i would tell her to leave

so i left

and i know that there's so much more for me out there.

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