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Saturday, November 28, 2009

i...bum bum...want...bum bum...more..

I want more than this...i want more than you. i'm tried of pretending to be less so that you feel like you're more. its not fair to either of us.

how daire you tell me how i feel...tell me what i'll say...tell me what will happen in the future

i still can't get over the fact that you for mad at me over what you think might happen in the future. how is that fair...when i have yet to get mad at you for what you've already done.

i saw a play once. it was called earthquake. it only played for one night at school. it was about a girl trying to find herself in all the wrong places...in all the wrong men...she met one. thought he was the one and changed herself to make sure it stayed that way
but he broke it off
he told her he heard her
heard her heart last night while she was sleeping

it said..."...i...bum.bum...want...bum.bum...more"

i never forgot that play

or those words

and i don't want to tell him thats how i feel

but he asked me yesterday if he ever thinks that he's not the one. i told me i never thought that...

but is it worth it if he is...if this is how i feel after it all

i could find someone and be happy.

and maybe be less...but in the end

maybe it would make me more...


i want...

to be...


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