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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dear 2009, good try but you lost...i made it

I've been thinking of new years resolution. My friend Roses posted his on facebook...as usual it was an essay of sorts explaining his past achievements and naming his future goals. He used to be more subtle and poetic- he says he's grown up...i think he's lost the love of words and its a little sad to know that that could happen.

so all day long i've been trying to figure out what my resolution is and i think i've figured it out. Its not to go to the gym everyday - even though i could lose those 20 pounds that i've been putting off for years and i know i won't carry it out anyway.

its not to get into school even though i've been applying and really hoping that i will. its not even to get straight A's - even though I have done that in the past and would be absolutely amazing.

its to stand up for myself.

bland i know...but its that one thing that i always forget to do. i work so hard to make everyone else happy that i don't stop to think about myself....and call it selfish - fine...but its about time that i try something for me.

in the words of my coworker "keep it movin." If you're not around to help me succeed you can move right on...because i don't have time for it

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