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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

i'm that girl

so I have a secret: I'm in love...

awkward enough i know...what makes it worse is i've never met the guy. I've never been one to have celebrity crushes, but here I am with my first (and hopefully last) celebrity infatuation. (not counting my elementary crush on Leonardo DiCaprio...but lets be serious who didn't love him in the late 90's?)

anyway. I am 23 years old and here I am without even an excuse for the crush. but what makes it worse is its not even sexual (don't get me wrong it could be...) but its really intellectual. I mean I want to curl up in a corner with him, sipping tea with lemon and just banter. I want to trade letters and words, and see what he thinks when I say this and find something clever to say when he says that. I want to listen to his explanations to his ideas. I want to see his passion born. I want to be the fly on the wall while he comes up with the lyrics that somehow speak to me...

ewww...i'm that girl.

so its almost new years and the plans have been made and he's coming to town. for the 3rd time to be in fact. (well to be accurate he didn't show the first time). Anyway each time i've somehow been unable to be in attendance to his concerts until now. Now I know that nothing is going to come of this. I know there are three thousand ppl who will be there...but that hasn't stopped my over active imagination to creating this ideal situation where he sees me and i become his muse. His ideal. love at first site...like the first time i heard him and i didn't even know who he was...

but hey a girl is allowed to dream right?

so i'll just continue from chapter 10 of my day dream where we're currently vacationing in our villa in the south of france. I think his mother's coming to visit and I have a lasagna warming in the oven...its so warm out today. I've always loved visiting here...the sound of the shore... the humming of the waves...his senseless chatter while he plans his summer tour in the states...

sometimes its only acceptable to delve into your daydreams

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