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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

for roses

My mother has a way with words
spoken softly
matter-of-fact -ly
as if her lyrics are well known
rather than thoughts
and ideas
She sets them up across a page
like a dance
____________________in its
to show
the story she’s trying to tell

My sister poems
come out like songs
With colors as emotions
Each thought and meaning
things to
_____“why must I be
__________so black and blue”
like a negativity to
stretch ability
all in search of stability
in a ___ blue_____ green_____ aquamarine
swirling world
of chaos

I didn’t inherit their way with words

From poet to poet
__I don’t know if
I’m a poet.
___or simply a journal -ist
whose words sometimes __________ fit

I admire your skill
Much like that homeboy
_____(That phone boy)
who sketches his poetry into art
_____his guns are pencils
_____ his bullets paint
his dreams and prayers covered those walls
__________where I sat.
You remind me of him…

I’m not looking for love
But I do appeal for this
A single application
____for a friend
If you don’t apply
nothing lost, nothing gained
But the thought
That is all.

That beneath the millions stars
there are two that understand
the friendship
written between the lines
__________of text

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