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Sunday, December 27, 2009

when the truth isn't enough

have you ever talked to someone and known they were lying? I was talking to an old friend the other day. We haven't really hung out since she graduated...no thats not true. since she stopped dating efron who was my year. so its been like a good year since we've actually genuinely hung out.

there were three of us who were inseparable. Jemar- me - Ashley...occasionally Quagmire but rarely. they were all seniors and i was the sophomore in the crowd. i met Jemar because we were both Resident Assistants and since my school only has about 50 black ppl out of 1500 students and at the time 5 black RAs we quickly became friends. it was an awkward relationship - he had a gf who had recently graduated and wasn't really used to being without a female companion- i had recently broken up with my freshmen bf. Quag came along with the deal (to this day we're not quite sure how or why those two are friends). Ashley somehow joined in sometime in december. Jemar was trying to sleep with her- it never panned out to my knowledge- but she just joined the circle and never left. we went to all the same parties, hung out with all of the same people and when they graduated we all said goodbye and i was left at McDaniel alone without my Porthos or Aramis.

Jemar ended up moving down the street from where i live now. Dating a girl on and off who hated me on site. we haven't really spoken since a drunken night where he explained that thing should have ended differently between the two of us and then proceeded to hide behind trees while walking me to my car- afraid that his then off again gf would see us.

i told him i've never really been interested on weak men

Ashley lives in baltimore. still fiends with my ex. she randomly hit me up the other day about new years. she heard Trey Songz and Drake were coming into town and wanted to go out - absolutely no problem since I have recently entered my club years loong after the rest of my friend have left theirs behind. we made plans - called friends - bought outfits...and she flaked out

literally a minute ago

he grandfather is coming into town.

for a day

from 6pm till 9am on the 1st

its a lie and we both know it

but why ruin a perfectly awkward friendship by telling the truth.

i guess i could just stay in...or call in a favor with Isata and beg her to come out....

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