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Saturday, December 26, 2009

open and available

we've spoiled my niece to the point that she refuses to sleep anywhere but in someone's arms. If she were to wake up in one of the thousands of bids, swings or bouncers, that we searched and purchased in the appointed colors of pink rose and chocolate, she'd flip out...FLIP...like pure nonsense for hours on end...
after twenty-three years of being a predominately tummy sleeper - i have somehow learned how to sleep perfectly still on my back, because i know that
at somepoint in the night one of the three other ppl in my house appointed to entertain her highness will deposit a sleeping child into my arms. even in a deep sleep i've learned to rock a child back to sleep

how something only 8 pounds and 21 inches has learned to control an entire house...i'll never know

so i'm trying to figure out what to do for new years. DC is full of options and opportunities- the only problem is clubbing in dc means hanging out with the over excited hoards of college students. Don't get me wrong, i was one of them a few months ago...but there is a large maturity gap between 18 and 23 and i'm worried that the best places are going to open the doors for the ragingly hormonal. Last time I went to LOVE I almost killed someone who was too busy trying to get into some 18 year old in lace leggings and t-shirt that i pushed the wrong person who spilled a drink on me...who expected me to buy HIM another one.

of course the time before that (the wayne after party) my now ex showed up and threw someone down the stairs for getting a little too close...i'll save that story for another time...

I'd go to the usual Jamaican spot- 24
- but the fact that ppl are starting to recognize me and going usually means having my sister's fiance watching every move I make...i'm thinking new years might not be a good time to have a baby sitter...

We've got the 1st of January planned already.
just the 31st is open and available.

but we'll find something.......we always do

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