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Friday, January 1, 2010

i think you should reevaluate your skinny jeans

!!!Happy New Year!!!

I rang in the new year with the ladies at Hogates, It was a nice night with its many ups and downs. VIP was amazing, main floor was wack and my feel feel like i was drop kicking bricks...or walking the streets of DC without shoes on - which at one point did happen.

all in all it was a good night. I dunno if Id mix those 3 girls again. Ashley was a little out of place and made it known. Isis and Cici were going with the flow as usual. the stories i could tell would take weeks...so i'll just wait and tell you about it later.

plans for tonight fell through. Trey Songz came to town and literally closed the club down. for 96 hours. I'm taking this as a sign- this is what? the 3rd time 4th time? that Drake has come to town to perform that I will not be seeing him. My sister finally told me it's time to just "let him go..."

so here I am letting him go.... :-(

so we'll see whats good for tomorrow night. its only friday so I'll just keep it moving...

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