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Lilypie Pregnancy tickers

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

i thought i just saw the finish line...who the fuck keeps moving me cheese?

I am sooo over being pregnant.



I'm 38 weeks and 5 days and I'm sick and tired of being pregnant. I've been counting down to August 4th since December...and now it's literally in shouting distance. Its close enough I can taste it...I can smell it. I feel the breeze coming off of it

and now my doctor is talking about 41 weeks

41 weeks and possible csection

like fuck you, too!

No dilation. no effacement. nothing. no talks of induction. no talks of squats or sex or walking for hours...just csection.

the baby's big

i get it

she's high and tight

i get it

she's so friggin comfortable she's not even THINKING about sliding into home base

like wtf?!?!

we had a long talk last night...me and baby. i explained to her how this is all going to work out. what she's going to do...what i'm going to do...and how important it is that she gets into the ball game

i haven't seen her following through on her side of the deal...but i'm hoping. i'm hoping she's just stubborn like her parents. that she's just oppositional like her father and will just eventually do what she needs to do in her own time

just surprise me, darling. take your time...but do what we've discussed.

i'd really appreciate it

because at this point...

it feels like i'm going to be pregnant


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