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Thursday, July 7, 2011

i don't want to talk about it

there's a woman in my office that is very quickly getting on my nerves. I don't know if it's hormones or just the fact that i'm over ignorance.

She's a nice girl, don't get my wrong. She's funny and friendly...and ghetoo as hell. Barely graduated from highschool...been with the same guy since middle school. broken up and gotten back together while living together for almost 10 years now and have a child together.

She misses being pregnant...and continues to tell me how much i'm going to miss it as well

i really don't understand what its with other women telling you about yourself when you're pregnant. please Lord...don't let me become one of those women...

She comes up to my desk to replay her birthing experience. to cuss about the lactation coach who tried to force her into breast feeding. about how women with csections have flatter stomachs faster...and how she can't wait to see my baby

and why aren't i ask excited


i'm at work...i'm not talking about being pregnant...i'm just at work.

and the fact that throughout this entire pregnancy all anyone else has done was tell me how i should be reacting has made it so i've never had to chance to really have my own feelings about the situation

i am excited. i love her. its funny to feel her wiggling inside of me. i wonder what she's going to look like. i can't wait to meet her

but i'm sick and friggin tired of eveyrone TELLING me what she's going to look like. how tall she's going to be. when she's going to be born. how she's going to act. how i'm going to act

back the fuck off!

i'm excited...i am...but i don't want to talk about it

and i particularly don't want to hear you talking about it either.

i finally told her that i don't really feel like talking about it anymore...its the only subject anyone will discuss with me now. its been 9 months of the exact same topic...lord...can someone talk about something other than what it was like when they gave birth or tried to breast feed?!?!

she told me I was being stank...and she can't wait until the baby's out so she can kick my butt

i walked away


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