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Monday, July 11, 2011

eviction notice

i love my daughter. i love her like i've never loved anything or anyone in my entire life.

she is my life...

i would give my life for her and i haven't even seen what she looks like...

but i promise

i cross my heart...

if she starts kicking me in the back like she did on monday afternoon i will evict her from her homestead

i am almost 37 weeks pregnant and i don't have anywhere else to go. MY belly can't possibly stretch anymore. i thought 5 months ago that was as far as i could get. i've surprised myself. currently the largest thing on me is my middle. i think if i measured around my waist and held it straight it would be as tall as i cam.

she was 7pounds 5 ounces 2 weeks ago...and she's just packing on the weight now.

she has my chubby cheeks and her father's powerful thighs.

and i don't think my back can take another day of her tantrums.

in all honesty i'm not ready for her to come out. i still have some cleaning to do. some relaxing to do...a few more weeks of working to do...

but we'll see. she's holding all of the cards at the moment. and i'm being run by a little person living inside of me

but, Little Bear, if you can hear me...mommy does not like you kicking me...

please stop

love, mommy

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