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Monday, April 18, 2011


I had a good weekend. its always nice to have those. hung out with an old friend and didn't worry about anything.

other than the phone call my mother had on friday afternoon with MIL....but we'll get back to that later

Tuck-tuck came over on Friday night/Saturday morning and stayed till sunday. We shopped like we had money and knocked out while watching movies. it was like the old times at McDaniel. We discussed relationships and growing up, children and heartbreaks. and candy. lol.

it was good to see her. we need to have more times like that. time seems to fly away from me sometimes and i catch myself thinking back and wondering where old friends went...and whether in my rush to keep up with life i some how missed sharing the days with them

i don't want to miss those moments...

as for MIL...she's up to her usual nonsense. she tried to compromise with my mother about the baby shower. as it will be at our house she has decided the "Christenning" will be at hers.

1) my daughter won't be christened. i'm not catholic. she's not going to be catholic

2) my mother can't make that decision. as she is not the one carrying the child and has no custodial claims to her. the correct person to discuss this with would be me or her son...

3) if your ass wants to make decisions maybe you should talk to me.


well she called me twice today. i picked up the second time. about a breast pump that would "cost me $35 a month" she says...thanks...i can pay for my own pump since i'm pretty sure that it will come back and bite me in the ass if i let you cover any costs for me.

she kept it short and sweet and almost seemed like the woman i knew before i got knocked up...

we both quickly got off the phone...maybe in hopes to preventing the eventual awkwardness that lives between us.

its unfortunate

i haven't heard from anyone in his family in over a month...i used to speak to cousins rather regularly...and then something happened. some huge catastrophe occured and now i've been kicked out of the family.

i probably should have seen that coming

i should have expected that in the end.

but I won't end up like his Aunt Anne...who sits silently in corners at family gatherings and rebels by avoiding them more than they avoid her...

i judged her before...for her silence

but now i understand

stay silent.

stay away

and protect yourself and your family.

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