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Monday, April 11, 2011


so my MIL.... I never had an issue with her before this moment.

Well let me specify and say before I was pregnant.

We actually got along really well.

We spoke all the time...even when aaron and I weren't together we spoke. and now all of a sudden things have flipped...and she's turned into a monster.

monster is rather harsh.

i don't know if i could says she's being a monster as much as she's just being passive aggressive, overbearing and needy. i think that's more specific.

she won't talk to me anymore. i mean at all. she tried calling me once and i didnt answer...but i saw her the next day.

we see each other at least once a week and yet the only time she'll talk to me is if i force a conversation out of her. and even then its on mundane issues and then once i leave you whines and complains to aaron about how she keeps trying to talk to me and that i'm avoiding her...wtf... keeps? keeps implies plural. your ass called me once.

so i called her yesterday. to talk about everything...and she's openly hostile about it.

"hey MIL" -me
"hi" -her
"how are you" -me
"oh i didn't know who this was..." -her (you get the idea)
"oh...lol...aaron says you're been trying to contact me"
"yeah i called you and you never called me back"
"oh...lol...yeah i was knocked out...but i saw you the next day"
"yeah well you didn't let me talk to you"
"oh...haha...what do you want to talk about"
"well i want to talk about the baby shower. i talked to aaron did he talk to you"
"yeah he told me some stuff what do you want to talk about"
"well what did he say"
"What do you want to talk about?!"

it was ugly. the whole conversation. it was like we kept saying the same thing over and over

"i never said you couldn't have the baby shower at my house i just found this park and thought you'd want to have it there"
"oh...lol...well i really don't want my baby shower at a park. I've talked to my mom and we're thinking about having it there"
"well i really thought you'd want to have it at a park"
"no...not really. i really want it somewhere inside and more intimate like someone's house"
"oh...well there's so much more room at the park"
"i don't want it at a park...(awkward laugh to lighten the mood)...i think we're just going to have it at my mom's house"

on and on.

she told me that i'm spending too much money and not giving anyone else a chance to buy anything. and i told her that aaron and i have been saving and i'm not spending anythign that i haven't budgeted for. the only things i bought were a crib, a stroller, which came with the carsear and a basinett.
"well you really shouldn't be spending so much money"
"its ok. we've saved for this."
"well you're buying everything and not letting anyone else buy things"
"i haven't bought everything. I bought the things i'm really particular about...there's more things to buy"
"well i really think you should be saving instead"
"oh. ok...."

i asked her who she wanted to invite and she told me she found some invitations to download for the baby shower and i told her that i've already found the ones that i want to order online and i have no problem paying for the invitations...i just need to know who she wants to invite.
"well i was only going to invite family and a few friends"
"oh ok." "but i can't because that would be too many"
"no it wouldn't. i understand my house is smaller than yours, but we're going to do it like an open house. ppl can come and chill and go as they please"
"yeah well i dunno"
"yeah. we have plenty of room. ppl can still come"
"no i don't think so..."
"so you're not going to invite the ppl you want to invite?"
"well i only was going to invite the family and some friends...but they won't all fit. so no" "they would fit..."
"no i don't think they would...i just really thought you wanted to have it in a park"
"no i really odn't want it in a park. we're going to have it at my house. you can still invite your family and friends"
"well the family is so big. you know you can still have it at our house"
"so what you're trying to say if it it was at your house you'd invite the family"
"well yeah..."
"oo...ok...well my ideal baby shower would be somehting small and intimate and we're going to have it at my house...but you can still invite your family and friends"

wtf. This bitch is crazy. she just kept going until i finally asked "are you ok? you sound kind of upset..."
"no i'm not upset."
"are you sure."
"yeah i just cna't talk about it. you know where i am"
i assumed she meant emotionally...like frustrated or overwhelmed so i said "no...i don't..."
"well holly...where did you call me at?!"
"oh....at work..."
"so you know i can't talk about it."
bitch! "well even though you're AT WORK...you still seem upset. are you sure you don't want to talk about it?!"

She blew the crap out of me. dumb ho. i was so mad i had to take a walk like twice just to calm down.

i had no problem having it at her house. but i told my mom when she all of a sudden changed her mind about the location and mom offered our house because i didn't want it at some rec center or at a park in the middle of june. we recarpeted the whole house and mom's redecorating so its homier. she's really excited about it...i'm not changing the location because she's jealous.


get over it. i told her if she wants to have something at a park then thats fine. i really only wanted one baby shower and i wanted something to bring the whole family together...but i really would prefer not having it at a park.

she's turning into a monster and she was never like this. ever since she came back from visiting her mother in florida she's been a monster...and she only wants to talk to aaron...and then she keeps demanding this family meetings with the 3 of us. i snapped at aaron "SHE'S NOT MY FAMILY...YOU ARE!!! I DON'T HAVE TO HAVE A FAMILY SIT DOWN WITH HER. she's not my mother...she's yours."

He didn't really appreciate that...but i don't appreciate her talking to me like i'm a child or telling me how and when i should spend my money. i understand that she was 22 and got pregnant by some asshole she worked with who claimed the baby wasn't his and that sucks...but thats not the situation that i'm in. aaron and i are grown and can take care of ourselves. i don't mind suggestions...but i'm not new to the rodeo...aaron and i will be fine.

Keeps fucking with me and you'll see my kid twice a year.

its going to be a long 18 years... i'm just imaging if this is how it is about the baby shower...imagine the baby's first birthday

i think i'm just going to say fuck it and move to CA with a cousin of mine. the way things are going i might not marry aaron, just because i don't want to be forced to deal with the monster-in-law for the rest of my life...

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