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Friday, April 22, 2011

as usual...

So I had an emergency doctor's appointment yesterday. One of many unfortunately...but I've switched doctors so hopefully things will calm down for now.

I had flipped out from some of the many side effects of the antibiotics they've kept me on for 6 months...and then all of a sudden Baby decided now was the ideal time to stop moving for 2 days.

well all of the stress was worth it. i had a sono done and below are a couple of the pix

I'm not quite sure who's nose that is...and lord knows those aren't my lips...we'll see what she looks like at birth cuz everything i thought seems to be totally off.

i sent the pix to Aaron and Mom and then (against my better judgement)I send a copy of the pictures to MIL....

everyone else responded with the usual "ooh"s and "awww"s...

My conversation with MIL

MIL : Omg!!Ijust told Lilliana she shed will look like me...Lol
Me (at least 3 minutes later after i tried to find a nicer response) : Lol. I'm hoping she'll look lik eme

MIL: Well ok maybe Aaron will have a little i hope at least the smile

i swear this woman wasn't so annoying before I was pregnant. now all of a sudden everything has to be about her. My mother swears its because I'm 'stealingher son away'...forreal?!...

I quit...the end

in the words of tuck "some ppl can't handle random acts of kindness" that will be the last time i send her any sonogram pix...obviously she can't handle them

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