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Monday, April 25, 2011

things that should have died in 2010

- black men with mohawks
- white men with mohawks
- people in general with mohawks, excluding those that wear them for cultural/religious reasons

- men over the age of 20 with corn rows
- men/boys with cornrows and no hangtime
-long hair and bald spots

- MIL drama
- EX drama
- Blogs about ppl you don't know

- tweeting about things in the past
- Passive aggressive behaviour
- ppl who are bluntly inconsiderate

- extremely overweight ppl squeezing into clothes in the single digits
- pretty girls with massive trashy tattoos
- little girls with weaves

- children with no manners
- parents with no home training
- having to explain etiquette to ppl over the age of 12

- pants that show your crack
- girls who think its sexy to show their crack
- ppl desperate for attention in general

- crazy family members
- crazy family drama
- friends that make you want to kill them

- frenemies

- stalking your ex
- stalking your ex's new gf
- not moving out of the picture when it's time (referring to the point 7 ahead)

- talking shit behind ppl's back
- talking shit and then smiling in said person's face
- passive aggressive behavior in general

- being overbearing
- being tacky
- being crass

- horrible dye jobs
- bad teeth
- bad breath
- ignorance to the obvious problems

to be continued . . .

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