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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

moving on...

i think i am reasonably over my anger...or frustration... it took me a little bit to calm down. seeing that the drama was still unfolding on monday i had to wait till tuesday to breathe a sigh of relief. no new comments it seems. nothing new to report on. not that things ahve been silent by any means but nothing that gives me the incentive to act a fool. on another note - i had to move up my doctor's appointment that had been scheduled for friday to yesterday. i feel like ever antibiotic they give me has a side effects that almost as bad if not worse than the original problem. the doctor kind of rushed me in and out. blew the crap out of me...but we'll talk about that at the next appointment. after 28 weeks they say i'll be coming in every 2 weeks. that should be interesting trying to work and take off for all of these appointments. found a date and location for the baby shower have the date for the wedding finals are next week... everything is just speeding up around me. c'est la vie.... i have nothing to complain about today

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