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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So I took a final the other day

an hour and a half of Legal technology

It was particularly hard...it was rather tedious. on subjects the professor flipped through, giving a lot of small details about multiple topics but never really going into depth on any of them

of course the final asked that you go into detail

it was open book

open note

and open internet

and timed

no problem. i finished the test in a little over an hour

it was on blackboard. being a technology test the professor thought it best to put into use the technology we were paying for.

it probably would have been a good idea for him to test it out before the class started

halfway through my test the test stopped saving. i asked him he brushed it of and said keep going.

an hour later i call him over and try to save and submit it says the test is not complete...i show the teacher i've answered all the questions he says "submit it"




the entire screen flashes red and then turns onto and error page stating that i don't have access to be on this website

yep...erased the entire test

and he shrugs and says he'll come back to me....

long story short....an hour later he pulls the 5 ppl who had errors into the hallway and explains that he has no idea what happened but he'll get back to us in a few days.

i had to take the test over again.

i did significantly worse this time.

i blame my rage.

i have another final due tomorrow. A memo about a case. i wish i cared a little more.

i really just want this semester to be over. i want this program to be over.

i want to start over somewhere else. somewhere new...do something different.

be someone different for a day.

its just one of those days it seems....

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