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Sunday, July 11, 2010


i remember the first time i saw the post secret book. it was at my college bookstore. we used to have a shelf where the books on the top seller list would be for sale. I opened it because the cover was so nondescript. like a paperbag, or a package raped with a rope and a stamp in the corner. it was in between classes and my boyfriend at the time was eithe rin class or asleep or we were fighting and i flipped to a random page and was stuck there reading

i went to the library where i worked later and found another book. i spent hours reading it

it wasn't until recently that i found the website. and their facebook. and their twitter

its relieving to read other peoples secrets and know that you're not alone. to know that someone else has something so big hidden within them...and they finally let it out knowing everyone will no...

...and at the same time...no one will....

their secrets give me hope....

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