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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ashes to ashes...or gas for the matter

so my car kicked the big one last night. it finally succeeded and passing on from this world to the last...and like a child refusing to let go of a parent...or a parent refusing to let go of their child...i begged and pleaded for it to just go a little further. just try a little harder...and i'd take over from there

she didn't budge

Methuselah was a good and hardworking car. She did her job above and beyond what I had expected her to do. I pushed her too hard and I know I did...but if I could go back I probably would have done anything differently.

maybe more frequent oil changes. maybe more check ups

may an entire tune up with money permitted it...maybe not...i tended to be rather stingy with my paltry income while in school

i still am.

she got me all the way to the corner of my neighborhood this time befor stalling out. just to the corner of the highway and i'm thankful she stopped there and not on the road. She just let go...a hiccup...a cough..and silence. i cried. as always when things don't turn out the way i want them to...

and now i'm here and she's there and there's nothing i can do to get her running again...and even if there was something i could do...i don't think i'd even trust myself to put everythign that she deserves back into her.

so i'll let her go...

and remember all the good times we had

the summer drives to riverdale...the fall runs to westminster...the winter in solitary confinement because her alarm wouldn't stop going off and i couldn't afford to get someone to fix it...

may she rest in peace as she was never able to in life.


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