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Monday, July 26, 2010


she told me we went to fast. your mother. that i let you in too quickly. and that she didn’t mean to hurt me by saying it

but it hurt anyway

it always hurts at the end

she told me i told you so. my mother. that if you let a man back in after he messed up he’ll think you’re weak and walk all over you.

and i knew she knew

because she had.

and i didn’t listen the first time she told me.

you told me i would never change. and i found it ironic. that i was being reprimanded after everything went wrong.

that i hadn’t learned my lesson

but you had

and you wished we could still be friends

and i guess i was right. all along.

that you wanted your last chance

to get even

with how i hurt you before

when i left

to protect myself

from you

obviously i don’t listen very well

not even to myself.

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