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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a letter

to my little sister

i wish you sun shine
and skinned knees and
gentle kisses
and the memories that i cherish from my child hood
imprisoned in family dinners and vacations and bonding
that i always tried to escape
but have locked in crystal bottled in my heart
to share with my children one day

and to share with you

because you deserve more than what you were given

i wish you we could share more
than genese
and that the womb that carried me
and nurtured me
could have known you
and make the connection that we share more than distant memories
of an elicit night that created
the difference that has made you more of a stranger
than a sibling

and i’m sorry that you’ll always know that.

i wish we had more in common…than chromosomes
and that the 20 years that separate us
were memories
and that years from now you could think of your birthday
and draw me in there
where i wasn’t invited to be

i hope you know that we love you

that we care

the siblings you’ll never know

and that regardless of time
and distance

that we’ll always be there

and one day

when the time comes

you’ll know

that we wish you happiness

and sunshine through storms
and fires on cold days
and rainbows to make you smile

and hugs…

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