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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

baby shower debrief

So my baby shower was last weekend. Things actually went rather smoothly. I was expecting the worst possible scenario and thankfully it never occurred.

mind you that doesn't mean that MIL wasn't acting out or that the ILs weren't antisocial OR that Aaron's friends were pains...it simply means that no one got shot.

I accidentally planned the shower on the same day as Caribbean carnival. typical. we had chosen the date for after our anniversary as we were going to get married and announce it at the shower. the wedding plans turned into something bigger than either of us wanted so we cancelled...and hated each other...and broke up...and then eloped before anyone cold tell us what they though we should do.

his mother was upset...as to be expected. she said something to the extent of "well you know what you're getting into..." which i took more as a warning than a congratulations...

aaron told me that she whined before i got there "i wanted to beeee there....was holly's mom there? why didn't you teeeeellllll me?"

aaron was very straightforward. or so he told me. "it was just the two of us. no one knew. we just wanted the two of us there."

"well i wanted to be there"

"if you were there everyone would have to be there"


so that was last wednesday. she didn't find out until thursday. the shower was on saturday.

my aunt came from california to be there. she finally met ani who performed for the crowd. Tuck and Tosin hosted and did a great job of dealing with me as mother-zilla and keeping the crowd moving.

aaron's mother's contribution was a cake and it was huge. and milky. and not sweet...aaron loved it. i would have worn it as a dress...or a hat...wasn't too fond of the flavor. his family came and stayed to themselves mainly. i think they were waiting for a big wedding announcement that never came.

only one aunt and one uncle (and his wife) came of his entire family. that was aggravating. his cousin and his wife came. a bunch of my friends who said they would be there was all of a sudden MIA...bitches... his cousins didn't come. 2 aunts didn't come...and his sister actually showed up 3 hours late - her excuse "she went to the pool"

are you for real? you only have one baby shower in your life time...and you were too busy to actuall yact right and come to your brother's?if it had been at his house and had a whole bunch of patron i bet everyone would have made a way up there...

anyway. wade and richard came late as usual. wade had RSVPed saying he wasn't going to make it cuz he was going to be out of town...and then suddenly remembered that he was actually gone on antoher weekend and didn't tell anyone as a "surprise" -___-


He wanted me to read his card out loud. some nonsense about "i couldn't believe it when you said you were having a baby...but hey if anyon one should it may as well be you."


he also made an announcement after the gifts "i couldn't believe it when aaron said he was having a baby, but i have an announcement. i'm having a baby too....in 5 years...ha ha ha"


he's so wack

my mother was like "that tall one was annoying...and immature. so was the short one (richard)"

they came as we were handing out prize awards and MIl tried to stop everything so that they could play the games. it was too late...and we weren't having it.

are you forreal? the shower started at 1...your ass showed at 4...we're not restarting everything for 2 ppl...

MIL bought a bunch of onsies that say "I LOVE DADDY" and a frame that she showed me months ago that she said she was keeping for herself. and then gave us a toddler car seat.

i have no problem with the carseat...please don't get my wrong. thank you...

but seeing as we have at least 6 months before she'll be in it i don't understand why she got it for us. This woman demanded a list of 4 or 5 things that we wanted for her to pick from...and then in the end ignored it and did what she wanted.

not surprised...

its typical honestly...

its annoying...

she complained to my aunt about us getting married

she bragged to mom about how her bf works night and day

she tripped in her too high heels and almost busted her ass...

and she left right after the presents were opened.

oh and wade hit on morgan. lol.

lets see...the next day we went and picked up some of aaron's clothes since he's slowly but surely moving out. she wasn't too excited about that and wanted us "all on the same page" about it. aaron never made any definite answers as to what he was doing...

she hasn't been calling him like she used to

his sister isn't talking to either one of us again...

i haven't heard from either one of them...but they stopped talking to me around the time that i got pregnant...

...and/or stopped agreeing to everything they said

i'm enjoying the silence and preparing for the worst possible case scenario. but who knows when that will happen...

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