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Monday, June 6, 2011

over it

so i've come to realize that maybe its not just because of me...this whole angry pregnancy thing. i thought it was hormones. i thought i just wasn't made for it. i thought maybe i was doing something wrong all along...

i've never seen someone so over pregnancy as i have been for the past 6 months of my life...ok maybe not 6...maybe 5 or 4....just months of being pissed and alone and upset about everything from the additonal weight to the ridiculous drama.

now i've realized it more likely the situation that i'm in...and i'm totally over that now.

everything from march on ward has been dramatic. every decision from baby shower colors to christening gowns has been a dig discussion on who should be the one who makes the decision. hell even the god parents turned into a point of contention

and i'm over it...

i've over the nonsense.

i have been on an emotional rollercoaster due to hormones and in laws for longer than i can possibly stand...and i'm over it

from this point on...i'm not dealing with it. i'm black holing everything that is going to stress me out. i'm ignoring everything that is negative and ignorant. i'm walking away from anything that is going to turn a decision that we've made into a family discussion

i'm not dealing with it.

maybe after all of the hormones have left my system...when people have realized i'm not a child...when ppl grow up and educate themselves...then i'll be able to handle the stress...

but i'm simply not dealing with it anymore

fuck being the bigger person...

i'm just going to be the pregnant one...i think i deserve at least that...

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